Jaymie’s Story

Jaymie Lynn Jamison was a 34 year old mother of four beautiful children who lost a year long battle with cervical cancer on February 6, 2011. She was a gentle, quiet mother who loved her family. She did everything for them.

​Jaymie loved her family and friends. She had a huge heart that no one could ever forget. Once Jaymie took you into her heart, she was loyal forever. She also had a deep love for her children. Each of her children are mirror images of their mother in the way they love those that surround them. They are active in everything from youth sports to junior high choir. Hope, Alexia, Madison, and Jonathan Eric Thomas (JET) are Jaymie’s crowning achievement. She was so proud to be their mother!

​Prior to her passing, the small Brown County, Ohio community she is from reached out in support for her and the family in profound ways.

Her husband, Jon, was completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from everyone that ever came into contact with them. Jaymie knew she could never repay all that was done for her family. This family can begin to heal from her loss as a direct result of the actions of this community.

Watch the memorial video here.

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